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Flared Shift Dress

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Curio Vibe

Glossy To My Matte

Face Curio (Set of 2)


Want to add an eccentric, curious vibe to your space? Glossy to my Matte will do that for you. This set of two, is as unique as they come, and will successfully draw anyones' attention and give momentum to their curiosity. The classic black and white, make these easy to blend into any space, at the same time also bring in a modern touch.

Material Resin and Sandstone

Available Size / Color

Discount 20%
    Code: 48IL, 48IS
    Color: White And Green
    Size: 240*100*570MM, 240*100*460
  • Rs. 9,520 Rs. 11,900
Rs. 9,520 Rs. 11,900
Discount 20%
    Code: 48IL
    Color: White
    Size: 240*100*570MM
  • Rs. 4,080 Rs. 5,100
Rs. 4,080 Rs. 5,100
Discount 20%
    Code: 48IS
    Color: Green
    Size: 240*100*460
  • Rs. 5,520 Rs. 6,900
Rs. 5,520 Rs. 6,900