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Flared Shift Dress

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Curio Wild

The Kongs

Gorilla Curio (Set of 2)


The Kongs is a set of two muscular, majestic Golden Gorillas. Gorillas represent strength and compassion. Add these pieces into your space to remind you of how there lies strength in kindness. The gold of the pieces ensures they have an elegant, classy feel to them.

Material Ceramic

Available Size / Color

    Code: 42IL, 42IS
    Color: Gold
    Size: 230*230*285MM, 130*140*170MM
  • Rs. 9,340
Rs. 9,340
    Code: 42IL
    Color: Gold
    Size: 230*230*285MM
  • Rs. 6,190
Rs. 6,190
    Code: 42IS
    Color: Gold
    Size: 130*140*170MM
  • Rs. 3,150
Rs. 3,150