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Flared Shift Dress

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Curio Wild

Leap Of Faith

Rabbit Curio (Set Of 2)


Oftentimes we have so many ideas, so many plans which we do not act upon because of our own doubts. Let our Leap of Faith Bunny serve as a reminder of how wonderful things can happen once we take action. Let the reminder be our adorable mini white Leap of Faith, or pick the pink in a larger size.

Material Resin

Available Size / Color

    Code: 48EL, 48ES
    Color: Pink and White
    Size: 260*160*240MM, 180*120*190MM
  • Rs. 8,710
Rs. 8,710
    Code: 48EL
    Color: Pink
    Size: 260*160*240MM
  • Rs. 4,680
Rs. 4,680
    Code: 48ES
    Color: White
    Size: 180*120*190MM
  • Rs. 4,030
Rs. 4,030