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Found In Loss

Brass Sculpture

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Through Found In Loss, the artist tries to portray how we as humans, by law of nature will face extreme highs, but also extreme lows in our limited time on this beautiful planet, but what makes us who we are will be the result, mostly of our losses, our tragedies, our hardships, than it will ever be of our successes. During tough times is when our true characters come to the forefront. So it is necessary we stay real, stay raw without worrying about external facades. Because ones the storms pass, what is left of us, in all its glory, will be the closest we will come to our higher selves. Bigger the emotions lived, bigger the awakening occurs.

Material Brass and Granite
Item Code 34E
Size Brass Sculpture:200*120*H670MM Granite Base:12*12*H12MM
Color Gold