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Flared Shift Dress

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Let Go

Brass Sculpture

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More often than not, it is not the success or failure of our dreams and desires that impact us, but it is the expectations leading up to the results that make or break us. Have unattainable dreams, have goals you cannot fathom to achieve in your wilder than wildest dreams, but through it all remain in a constant state of flow. Joy and ease needs to be our dominant state, but because of expectations of how, when, why, what, with, we get farther from our higher selves. Through Let Go, the artist wants to remind you that everything you desire will be, but in due time. Trust divine timing, and let go of doubts and expectations of how something ought to be.

Material Brass and Marble
Item Code 34C
Size 650*250*430 MM Marble Base : 65*25*5 MM