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Flared Shift Dress

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Coexist In Differences

Wall Art

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Humans are adorable, in the sense you can never put any two individuals in a single category whatsoever. Each individual comes with his/her own unique personality, skill sets, belief systems, values, way of living life et al. As civilization has progressed and reached new heights, the differences between individuals have somewhere blurred out. We all fit in perfectly together as pieces of a puzzle, each important to complete the picture. In Coexist in Differences you'll see how the artist has tried depicting this thought. The gold shows a zen personality, the black shows an intense, all figured out, strong individual, while the other half shows someone with a lot of commotion, different thoughts, in the process of figuring themselves out, but irrespective, all the three sit beautifully together to bring to life art that goes beyond differences.

Material Metal Frame
Item Code 41B
Size 1190*1190MM