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Flared Shift Dress

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Curio Lux

Held By A String

Table Top Curio (Set of 2)


Held By A String curio pieces are unique yet simple and elegant. The fluid art piece, held by the plain white marble holder, can be added to any table in your space. Place them by your office table or any of the niches just to add some varied color.

Material Metal and Marble

Available Size / Color

Discount 40%
    Code: 24WL, 24WS
    Size: 145*70*650MM, 120*70*465MM
  • Rs. 15,015 Rs. 25,025
Rs. 15,015 Rs. 25,025
Discount 40%
    Code: 24WL
    Size: 145*70*650MM
  • Rs. 7,707 Rs. 12,845
Rs. 7,707 Rs. 12,845
Discount 40%
    Code: 24WS
    Size: 120*70*465MM
  • Rs. 7,308 Rs. 12,180
Rs. 7,308 Rs. 12,180