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Flared Shift Dress

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Curio Lux

Set In Marble

Candle Holders (Set of 2)


The Set in Marble candle holders are as unique and raw as it can get. Use these during special occassions or just when you feel like adding some abstractness to your space.

Material Marble and Metal

Available Size / Color

Discount 25%
    Code: 25IL, 25IS
    Color: Black And Gold
    Size: 220*60*185MM, 140*60*255MM
  • Rs. 12,330 Rs. 16,440
Rs. 12,330 Rs. 16,440
Discount 25%
    Code: 25IL
    Color: Black And Gold
    Size: 220*60*185MM
  • Rs. 6,484 Rs. 8,645
Rs. 6,484 Rs. 8,645
Discount 25%
    Code: 25IS
    Color: Black And Gold
    Size: 140*60*255MM
  • Rs. 5,843 Rs. 7,790
Rs. 5,843 Rs. 7,790