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Curio Lux

Carrying Light

Ceramic Vases (Set of 2)


Carrying Light is a set of two beautiful gold vases with the combination of a vibrant orange. It looks like the gold is carrying bright orange light. Add this to your space to add color and elegance to it.

Material Ceramic

Available Size / Color

Discount 30%
    Code: 47CL, 47CS
    Color: Gold and Orange
    Size: 160*160*470MM,120*120*370MM
  • Rs. 5,516 Rs. 7,880
Rs. 5,516 Rs. 7,880
Discount 30%
    Code: 47CL
    Color: Gold and Orange
    Size: 160*160*470MM
  • Rs. 3,493 Rs. 4,990
Rs. 3,493 Rs. 4,990
Discount 30%
    Code: 47CS
    Color: Gold and Orange
    Size: 120*120*370MM
  • Rs. 2,023 Rs. 2,890
Rs. 2,023 Rs. 2,890