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Flared Shift Dress

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Curio Klay

Squad Goals

Vase (Set of 4)


These are the only Squad Goals you'd need in your lives. Set of four, Squad Goals are minimally designed vases in varying shapes, sizes and shades. Fill these up with your favourite vibrant colored flowers, and let them add a cozy, nature vibe to your space. This set comes in two color families. One being the greys, and the other the greens.

Material Resin

Available Size / Color

    Code: 48NA, 48NB, 48NC, 48ND
    Color: Grey
    Size: 160*160*390MM, 180*180*700MM, 96*96*515MM, 260*260*240MM
  • Rs. 19,685
Rs. 19,685
    Code: 48NA
    Color: Grey
    Size: 160*160*390MM
  • Rs. 4,540
Rs. 4,540
    Code: 48NB
    Color: Grey
    Size: 180*180*700MM
  • Rs. 5,720
Rs. 5,720
    Code: 48NC
    Color: Grey
    Size: 96*96*515MM
  • Rs. 4,540
Rs. 4,540
    Code: 48ND
    Color: Grey
    Size: 260*260*240MM
  • Rs. 4,885
Rs. 4,885