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Curio Klay

Thank You, Necks

Candle Holders (Set of 2)


Thank you, Necks is a pair of pastel hued candle holders that are super aborable and elegant. The blue of the flat holder and the grey of the flask like holder have been well complimented with the golden necks. Place them together or apart and irrespective they will add a cheerful touch to your space.

Material Resin and Metal

Available Size / Color

Discount 30%
    Code: 1GL, 1GS
    Color: Mint Blue and Grey
    Size: 155*65MM, 107*172MM
  • Rs. 6,230 Rs. 8,900
Rs. 6,230 Rs. 8,900
Discount 30%
    Code: 1GL
    Color: Mint Blue
    Size: 155*65MM
  • Rs. 3,066 Rs. 4,380
Rs. 3,066 Rs. 4,380
Discount 30%
    Code: 1GS
    Color: Grey
    Size: 107*172MM
  • Rs. 3,311 Rs. 4,730
Rs. 3,311 Rs. 4,730