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Curio Klay

No Drink Holder

Ceramic Vases (Set Of 2)


No Drink Holder is a set of two beautifully textured vases in an even more stunning hue which is both earthy and modern. The vases are in the shape of glasses, hence the name. Use these stunners to hold some beautiful flowers.

Material Ceramic

Available Size / Color

Discount 30%
    Code: 19Q1, 19Q2
    Color: Green
    Size: Dia195 H 388MM, Dia 150 H 295MM
  • Rs. 7,259 Rs. 10,370
Rs. 7,259 Rs. 10,370
Discount 30%
    Code: 19Q1
    Color: Green
    Size: Dia 195 H 388MM
  • Rs. 4,592 Rs. 6,560
Rs. 4,592 Rs. 6,560
Discount 30%
    Code: 19Q2
    Color: Green
    Size: Dia 150 H 295MM
  • Rs. 2,667 Rs. 3,810
Rs. 2,667 Rs. 3,810