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Flared Shift Dress

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Curio Klay

Just Screw It

Ceramic Vases (Set Of 2)


Just Screw It is for anyone that is into raw, artsy, rusty vibes. The pieces will make for a stunning addition to your evergrwoing garden, or place them in your library and watch how it fills the space with a mysterious old world charm.

Material Ceramic

Available Size / Color

    Code: 19X1, 19X2
    Size: Dia 90 H 215MM,Dia 50 H 165MM
  • Rs. 1,510
Rs. 1,510
    Code: 19X1
    Size: Dia 90 H 215MM
  • Rs. 940
Rs. 940
    Code: 19X2
    Size: Dia 50 H 165MM
  • Rs. 570
Rs. 570