Mandala Effect

    Wall Art


    We go through life unaware about how every tiny choice we make, every decision we take no matter how trivial it seems in the moment, eventually leads us to a place we were meant to be. And when we look back in the grand scheme of events, we see how one little action on ours led us to our destiny. Deciding to ditch your regular coffee joint to go to a new cafe on a whim, and having a chance encounter with a wonderful human who you have now been bestfriends with for over a decade. On a random Tuesday taking a cupcake baking class just for fun, which led to you discovering your love for baking and today you run a successful dessert parlour. Deciding to join a dating app, and 7 years later you are married to them. All these instances were tiny decisions made which led to life changing scenarios. Mandala Effect is the artist reminding us how every little thing eventually makes up our whole life.